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We are batimet. Made in Germany!

Since the company was founded in 2002, we have evolved together with more than 100 professionals
at our headquarters in Dresden/Germany to become the competence leader for complete building
envelopes in wood-aluminium constructions. Just ask us. We know how.
Wood-aluminium windows and façades are our passion.
Just ask us!
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Overall project value with batimet systems in 2020
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batimet - Our services for premium projects in wood-aluminium


Planning + Design!

batimet supports you as architect or investor in your daily work. Send us your project requirements and we help you. We comprehensively consult you and gladly compile technical details in CAD for you. In this respect, you save time and reduce costs.


Budget + Certainty in Pricing!

We take the view that one of the crucial aspects of a project is the certainty of budget. For that we offer you full competence in pricing. No matter the requirements: we accurately calculate for you. It is our objective to provide you with certainty in pricing.


Research + Development!

Decade long experience and thousands of wood-aluminium projects worldwide! This treasure of experience is with us us for every product development and design of new systems. We know what has to be done in terms of production and testing to make an idea become reality.


Products + Systems!

We have products, systems, services, and solutions for every requirements to a wood-aluminium building envelope. With our wide product range, we know the answers to: energy efficiency, noise control, burglar resistance, anti fall device, fire resistance.


Production + Quality!

Production and assembly with the highest precision! We set the standards for certification, manufacturing, and installation. We train and certify our system partners and we thus constantly guarantee products of best quality for your projects.


Logistics + Partners!

With over 200 certified system partners in Europe, we ensure area-wide availability of our products. No matter whether it is a large scale project or a single glass replacement. Via our central headquarters in Dresden, Germany, we organize our logistics even into the most remote places of Europe.

batimet System Partners: Experienced and Skilled!

Years and years of experience and thousands of common projects in wood-aluminium worldwide.
Based on this level of experience of planning, production, delivery and installation,
we guarantee highest quality and precision of our cooperative project management.
No matter whether it is a large-scale scheme or the replacement of single glass panes.
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